Focus on Fat Loss, Not Weight Loss

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More times than not when we talk to our current and prospective members and ask them their fitness goals they say they want to “lose weight”.

At Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping, we not only focus on making sure our members are in class everyday hitting their level 10, but we also strive to provide them with the correct information regarding their health to reach their goals.

Weight loss is different than fat loss. The Farrell’s program focuses on fat loss. You may have noticed when we highlight our $1,000 winners, we don’t mention total weight lost, but we do mention total body fat lost. There’s a difference. It’s important to understand what that difference is to help you reach goals and sustain them.

Our bodies are made up of “weight,” which includes the weight of our bones, organs, water, muscle and fat.

Weight loss consists of losing fat, muscle and water.

Fat loss consists of losing or reducing stored fat (not muscle or water).

Losing fat is great, but losing muscle and water can be detrimental to your health goals.

Why? Muscles are our fat-burning mechanisms. They impact our metabolic rate (the rate at which we burn calories). The less muscle you have, the less you burn. Less muscle tissue also means less absorption of nutrients, causing your food to become fat rather than fuel.

When you lose weight, you also lose water. Our muscles are made up of 70% water, so that water loss could mean muscle loss as well. Water loss can cause dehydration in your muscles resulting in muscle atrophy and again reducing your metabolic rate.

Weight loss doesn’t always translate to being fit. The true measurement for being healthy and fit is your body fat percentage. Visualize two people. They are the same height, same weight, but one has less fat percentage. That person, while they weigh exactly the same, is going to look and be more fit, most likely wearing a smaller pant and shirt size.

This is precisely why we tell our members to ditch the scale and focus on how their clothes fit and how they feel. You need to gain muscle to lose fat. Adding a pound of muscle is much more important than losing a pound of “weight”. This is where our members lose inches, not pounds.

As we stated earlier, the Farrell’s program focuses on losing fat by:

  • Six days of balanced workouts that consist of both cardio and strength training to build muscle and burn fat
  • Guiding members on how to eat a healthy and balanced diet (carbs, protein and lots of water!)
  • Measuring body fat throughout a member’s 10-week journey
Ensure you are following a program or routine that will benefit you in the short and long-term for reaching and sustaining your fitness goals. Avoid the fad diets and fitness programs that deprive your body of essentials, like strength training and certain foods that your body needs.

Want to see how the Farrell’s program will help you reach your goals? Try us for free or find your location and enroll in our upcoming spring session starting soon!







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