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2014-Farrells-10k-Winner-Kurtis BFarrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping® has been motivating members to continue to live a healthy lifestyle by holding an annual challenge with a grand prize of $10,000 to the person with the biggest transformation. Members across all locations in every state compete for this title, but as most will tell you, it's not about the money, it's about reaching their goals and living a longer, healthier and happier life.

Of course they aren't complaining about the money!

A lot can happen in one year. Check out a few of our past winners below and their amazing transformations!




2015 National Contest Winner Liz H.
*Individual results may vary.

Liz H. is a member at our Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Shoreview, MN location. She began her 10-week challenge journey in January 2015 and after completion, enrolled in our annual National Challenge. Little did she know what awaited her!

"I’ve lost an entire wardrobe. However, it is what I’ve gained that I’m most thankful for. I’ve gained strength and confidence. My husband has become my workout partner and our partnership has never been stronger. I’ve been able to support him, and many others on their journey. I’ve gained the support and the camaraderie of a community that I happily call my Farrell’s Family."

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Weight Before: 190 lbs.     Weight After: 117 lbs. 

Body Fat Before: 34.6%    Body Fat After: 12.8%

Push-ups Before: 30         Push-ups After: 71

Sit-ups Before: 13            Sit-ups After: 56



2014 National Contest Winner Kurtis B
*Individual results may vary.

Kurtis B. is a member at our Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping White Bear Lake, MN location. He began his 10-week challenge in April 2013 and after completion, enrolled in our annual National Challenge.

"I tell everyone I meet about Farrell’s. It made such a profound change in my life. People are sometimes concerned that they won’t be able to follow the program, worried that the workouts are too hard. I tell them about how I started and where I am now. This is truly a program anyone can follow. Farrell’s works because there is a real feeling of community when you’re there. People are actually concerned for you and extremely supportive, like family."

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Weight Before: 372.5 lbs.   Weight After: 191.2 lbs. 
Body Fat Before: 53.2%     Body Fat After: 19.5%
Push-ups Before: 5            Push-ups After: 72
Sit-ups Before: 10             Sit-ups After: 51


2013 WINNER: ERICA T.       

2013 National Contest Winner Erica T
*Individual results may vary.

Erica T. is a member at our Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Lincoln, NE location. She began her 10-week challenge in December 2011 and after completion, enrolled in our annual National Challenge.

"I was a 39-year-old overweight, sad, embarrassed mother of four who didn’t really believe she was anything special. One year and 10 weeks later, I’m a 40-year-old fit, athletic, energetic and vibrant woman. I believe I am special. I believe I can accomplish anything I set my mind to. My life isn’t covered in a dull gray cloud anymore. I’M not dull and gray anymore. I’m bright and shiny and colorful now, and thanks to the tools given to me by Farrell’s, I’m making my life extraordinary."

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Weight Before: 206 lbs.    Weight After: 131 lbs. 
Body Fat Before: 38.5%    Body Fat After: 20.5%
Push-ups Before: 13         Push-ups After: 80 
Sit-ups Before: 11            Sit-ups After: 51 


2012 WINNER: JOEL J.   

2012 National Contest Winner Joel J
*Individual results may vary.

Joel J. is a member at our Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Ashworth-West Des Moines, IA location.

"Farrell’s instilled in me two great benefits to help change my life. The first was information. The second gift Farrell’s gave me was the network of support, enthusiasm, and praise. I have made some relationships that will be life-long with people with similar goals and struggles . . . Farrell’s is not a diet and exercise regimen, it is a system that helped me find strengths buried deep inside me. Farrell’s taught me how to transform my life and find confidence and worth in myself."

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Weight Before: 307 lbs.     Weight After: 173 lbs.
Body Fat Before: 37.5%     Body Fat After: 12.1%
Push-ups Before: 10          Push-ups After: 62
Sit-ups Before: 18             Sit-ups After: 48 


2011 WINNER: PAUL W.       

2011 National Contest Winner Paul W
*Individual results may vary.

Paul W. is a member at our Farrell's eXtreme Bodyshaping Omaha, NE location.

"A definite change was happening. Friends and family began to notice a difference in me. They said they had never seen me happier or more outgoing. I started to do things I hadn’t done. 5 K runs, biking and outdoor adventure hikes, and I was enjoying them! However, I think the best part of this transformation is that I am doing all I can be to be healthy, and in the process, I am able to provide an example to my two daughters about the value of fitness."

Read Paul's full story here! 



Weight Before: 191 lbs.    Weight After: 169 lbs.
Body Fat Before: 19.6%    Body Fat After: 8.9% 
Push-ups Before: 41         Push-ups After: 90 
Sit-ups Before: 32            Sit-ups After: 52 



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