Farrell’s FIT: Life After Your 10-Week Challenge!

If you’re a current 10-week member, you’re probably hearing a lot about “FIT”. Maybe you’ve heard members talking about a recent “FIT Challenge” or hear about “FIT” extras. You’re probably hearing your instructors challenging the FIT members in different ways during class.

At Farrell’s, your 10-week challenge is only the beginning. FIT stands for Farrell’s Infinite Transformation. Why? Because it’s not just about your 10 weeks – it’s about infinitely improving your health. Your initial 10 weeks is the introduction to our program, teaching you proper technique, guiding you through your nutrition, and helping you establish that healthy lifestyle.

When you join Farrell’s FIT, you have the foundation from your 10-week session to start making bigger strides in your transformation.

Many times we hear members say, “I got it. I can do this on my own now,” and while a few can, most still need the accountability and regimen Farrell’s provides to continue to see results. And we’ve seen some pretty big results from our FIT members! Our blog has tons of stories from FIT members who have beaten the odds and transformed in more ways that you can count!

2015 National Challenge Winner Liz H
Individual results may vary.

As your 10 weeks is closing in, it’s time to think about how you want to continue to push yourself. See how far you can go and what new challenges you can tackle – both physically and mentally. Whatever those goals are, we want to be there to support you in reaching them. Plus, when you join FIT, you’ll be able to participate in tons of fun challenges with other members, register for the National Challenge, and if you’re interested, be a coach or instructor!

Your ten weeks is not the end. It’s the beginning.