Food Medicine

It’s now cold and flu season and with the temperatures starting to drop and the air getting drier, it’s easier for us to pick up illnesses. Before turning to over-the-counter medicines to help try to ward off illness before symptoms appear, try adding these immune-boosting foods into your meal plans.

Low-fat yogurt. Probiotics found in yogurt and other fermented products may help the severity of a cold or flu.

Button mushrooms. Rich in B vitamins, selenium, riboflavin and niacin, mushrooms can help build a healthy immune system and selenium can help ward of the severity of the flu.

Broccoli. A health year-round staple, load up on broccoli to get in lots of vitamins A and C and the antioxidant glutathione.  

Tea. It doesn’t matter which you prefer, green, black or white because they all contain antioxidants, polyphenols and flavonoids, which help fight diseases. Switch out your cup of coffee with tea and start feeling the healthy benefits.

Garlic. This isn’t just for boosting flavors! Garlic (raw) helps fight bacteria, viruses and fungi and is also known to help lower cholesterol. Make sure you use the real stuff though to get all the benefits.

Chicken Soup. It’s no wonder this is the go-to for anyone with a cold. There’s actual science that proves this “souper” food can help ease symptoms and make you feel better. It has a chemical, carnosine, which protects against the flu.

Spinach. You probably already know how good spinach is for you, but it’s high fiber content, vitamin C and folate helps your body to make new cells and repair DNA. A food to include all year round as well.

Sweet Potatoes. Choose these healthier potatoes over other variations to get the beta-carotene that helps boost immune systems and can even help the aging process!