Transformations Ahead in Bettendorf!

Head Coach Pete Hadjis, Owner Tamara Thomas and Farrells Corporate Todd DorrThis past Saturday, our newest Farrell’s location in Bettendorf, Iowa opened their doors for their first 10-week session.

Todd Dorr, Farrell’s Corporate Account Director, was there to welcome new members with owner Tamara Thomas and Head Coach Pete Hadjis.

Todd was able to catch up with Brent Yotty, a former Farrell’s Cedar Valley member who enrolled in Bettendorf’s first session.

Brent Yotty Brent moved to Bettendorf from the Cedar Falls area and stated, “I’ve been waiting for this!” After Brent’s 10-week session, he encouraged his parents to try Farrell’s and they are still members at our Farrell’s Coralville location!

Orientation was filled with enthusiasm and we can’t wait to see the transformations from Farrell’s Bettendorf!

If you or someone you know is in the area, you can still enroll through this Saturday, January 14th!

Farrells Bettendorf OrientationFarrells Bettendorf Orientation2