Farrell’s Transformations Coming to St. Cloud, Minnesota!



We’re excited to introduce you to Amanda Martell and Anna Finke, the proud owners of our newest Farrell’s eXtreme Bodyshaping location opening in St. Cloud, Minnesota!


Amanda Martell and Anna Finke

(Amanda Martell and Anna Finke)


About Anna

I have been a part of Farrell's since January 2016. I have been instructing since June 2017 and love it! I haven't coached inside of Farrell's, but I have helped other friends and family become more motivated to workout and eat healthy. I played hockey when I was younger and enjoyed being active. 

Amanda and I have been thinking about opening our own Farrell's location for over a year now and decided now is the time. We both love helping others, especially when it comes to their health, and we want to expand that and help as many people as we can. 

We are most excited about helping others achieve their dreams. Helping them accomplish things they never thought possible and giving them confidence in themselves. 


About Amanda

My love for fitness and athletics started at an early age. Since I was five, I grew up in a gymnastics gym and from there became a three-seasoned athlete throughout my high school and onto college years. I shared my love for clean eating, working out and running with neighbors, friends and family! I knew my passion lied within helping others within our community.

My husband started Farrell's a year ago and had amazing results and still continues to be part of the Farrell's family to this day. With my desire to continue to help people reach their health and fitness goals, my education and experience within the fitness industry . . . and my partner, Anna, I knew this is what God wants us to be doing! God has opened so many doors for us to bring Farrell's to the St. Cloud area and we are excited for this journey to begin!


We are exited to welcome Anna and Amanda into our Farrell’s Franchise Family and can’t wait to see the amazing transformations from St. Cloud, Minnesota!


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